The ABCs of a Healthier Halloween

Avoid sugar, Buy organic, and Cultivate a healthy attitude toward food

The holiday is only a few days away, but fear not! Here are three ways to keep your wits about you. With a little forethought and a lot of conviction, you can keep the spirit of Halloween without succumbing to over-indulgence.

A is for ....

Avoid sugar-laden candy. Offer non-candy treats, such as Halloween-themed pencils and erasers. Give trick-or-treaters a reason to be physically active by handing out sidewalk chalk, jumpropes or hackeysacks. Wondering how to keep your kids moving? Here are our Top Ten Ways to Keep Kids Active.

B-lieve in all-natural treats

If you must deliver the goodies, buy all-natural treats, such as organic lollipops or prepacked fruits and veggies.Your local organic or natural food store has plenty of options. If it is chocolate you crave, make it organic. Dark chocolate has many health benefits! Want to know more? Here's why We Love Chocolate!

Cultivate mindfulness

Use the occasion to cultivate a healthier attitude toward eating in your family. Allow children to have a treat or two, and then discuss what to do with the rest of the candy. Many dentists have candy "buy back" programs, or you could have your own. The bottom line is that mindless eating, whether it is Halloween candy or not, is unhealthy. Here's more on how to avoid emotional eating.