In the Black

They sound extraordinary and indeed they are. Offering more than what a typical food contains (basic proteins, carbs, and fats), superfoods are nutritionally dense and contain high amounts of antioxidants and phytochemicals. With a wealth of benefits, these foods can help lower our risk of conditions like cancer and heart disease. While most superfoods are bright in color (broccoli, tomatoes, salmon, sweet potatoes, and blueberries—to name a few), there’s another hue to consider: black. These superfoods offer high levels of healthy phytonutrients, including plant pigments called anthocyanins. So which superfoods are black? Consider black beans, black lentils, and black rice for both main and side dishes. Black figs offer an earthy, sweet flavor to savory recipes in addition to making a tasty dessert. No longer just for sipping, black tea imparts a smoky finish to a hearty lentil dish. Get in the black with the following recipes. You’ll find that while they haven’t always been as well known, black superfoods are always in fashion.