Celebrate National Soup Month!

Celebrate National Soup Month with new soup recipes! Soup serves as a perfect comfort food through the long, cold days of winter – It is fitting that January is National Soup Month Soup has been around since water has been boiled. It can be dated back as early as 6000 B.C. In ancient Greece, soup was considered the first fast food as it was served on the streets. The word soup comes from “sop”. Soup originated as a broth placed over a piece of bread – the bread “sopping” up the liquid. Over time the focus of the soup has shifted from the bread to the ingredients in the broth. Creating a warm, healthy meal is easy with any soup recipe! Browse through our favorite recipes we’ve listed below, or see all of our soup & stew recipes 10 New Soup Recipe Ideas: 1. Mexistrone Soup Recipe 2. Broccoli with Pasta Soup Recipe 3. Cannellini Bean and Pasta Soup Recipe 4. Easy Oven Beef Stew Recipe 5. Creamy Vegetable Soup Recipe 6. Miso Soup 7. Lentil Dal 8. Pho Bo 9. Cauliflower Soup with Red Pepper Purée 10. Sweet Potato Carrot Soup with Apple