Eat Your Way Happy

Vitamin B can help with stress

No, we don't mean a pint of Rocky Road. 

We’re talking about healthy and flavorful foods like salmon, legumes, and veggies. All these nutrient-rich ingredients contain mood-boosting B vitamins that may help alleviate depression and anxiety.

Salmon is a good source of the B vitamin known as thiamine, which can play an important role in nervous system functioning. Salmon also contains the B vitamin niacin, which acts as a memory enhancer and helps the body create energy from carbohydrates and fatty acids.

Looking for vegetarian entrees? How about some Spiced Bean Burgers with Red and Golden Beet Salad, or a serving of Bean and Potato Tacos?

All of these are tasty sources of the B vitamin folate.


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B Vitamin Folate

Considered a brain food, folate is also a good choice to support emotional wellness.