What You Plant Now, You Will Harvest Later

In partnership with 22 Days Nutrition

I’m often asked how or why I got started in nutrition and fitness, and my answer is always the same. Our health is the area of our lives we can control the most. As an exercise physiologist and personal trainer, I have been studying food and its impact on our bodies for a very long time—since I was a child.

The food choices I make on a daily basis come naturally to me because I know our health is directly attributed to the foods we consume. Unfortunately, many of the people I meet all over the world struggle with this idea. Hence, many of them are still overweight, complain about a lack energy, suffer from major medical conditions, and just aren’t living life to the fullest. 

Achieving optimal health can be accomplished. It starts by rejecting the over-processed, chemical- and preservative-rich foods that fill our grocery stores disguised to look like real food. The fact is that there are healthy food options all around us. We just need to break our old eating habits in exchange for new ones—like consuming less gluten, emphasizing a plant-based diet over animal products, and choosing organic produce, which is pesticide and chemical free.

That doesn’t mean necessarily converting to being a vegan. It means eating less meat and dairy in exchange for leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, and fruits, all of which are linked to improved health.

 Countless studies have shown a predominantly plant-based diet (five or more servings per day) can reduce our risk for many types of cancer and heart disease. That’s because powerful phytochemicals found in plant-based foods help block cancer formation or prevent recurrence by slowing the growth of cancer cells that have already formed. Plant-based foods are also a great source of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, and have significantly less calories than high-fat animal products.

Medical doctors and researchers all agree if we emphasized more plant-based foods in our diet, we could drastically reduce and possibly even eliminate our risk for cancer, elevated blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol and obesity.

Psychologists agree that it takes about 21 days to break old habits and form new ones. I believe we can all change, which is why I’ve based my entire brand and company around this principle—22 Days Nutrition. If you took 21 days to eliminate unhealthy eating and replaced it with organic, vegan superfoods on the 22nd day, it would be the beginning of a healthier you. 

And it turns out the benefits don’t end there. Challenge yourself this month, which is Gluten-Free Month. Choose a feast of gluten-free, organic, vegan foods for 21 days, and you will find that on day 22, you won’t crave over-processed, undernourished foods, but you’ll also have increased energy levels, improved sleep, better mood, and reduced body fat. Oh, and you’ll also have reduced your carbon footprint and be well on your way to making a difference not just in the way you look and feel but also in the world we live. Hence becoming a truly conscious citizen of the world!

It’s no coincidence that I practice a plant-based lifestyle. I’ve spent the last few years in my own kitchen creating and perfecting delicious, plant-based superfood bars and protein shakes made from wholesome brown rice protein.  Each of my eight delicious USDA organic, superfood bars and protein powders are 100 percent free of gluten, soy, and dairy, and they’re also non-GMO. I believe that one little bar can make a huge impact. You can find my complete line of tasty plant-based bars at Whole Foods Market and Vitamin Shoppe stores and online at

Let's make today day one.