Easy Halloween Dinners

What do Halloween and New Year's Eve have in common?

They're both holidaysbut they're also two of the top pizza sales day of the year!

Of course, Americans don't need a holiday to eat pizza—93 percent of us have eaten pizza in the last month. What's the love affair all about? Convenience...and taste!

If you want something a little healthier for your crew this Halloween—or any night—try some of our healthy dinner ideas.


Turkey Pot Pie               Whole Grain Salad       

Bean & Barley Chili        Pizza Pockets

Italian Herb Burgers     Romaine Holiday Salad

Chicken Couscous        Spicy Thai Veggie Wraps 

Calorie Count

One slice of pepperoni pizza has more than 200 calories, and who eats just one piece? 

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