A Bunch of Benefits

Eating grapes can reduce chronic high blood pressure and help prevent heart failure. Substances in the fruit increase the activity of genes responsible for the health of heart tissue, according to research from the University of Michigan Health System.

Diets rich in fruits and vegetables have been shown to regulate blood pressure.

Grapes help boost levels of glutathione, which is the most abundant antioxidant in the heart. Glutathione and other antioxidants reduce oxidative stress, which is strongly linked to heart failure.

The scientists believe that eating whole grapes provides the most benefit. “The whole fruit contains hundreds of individual components, which we suspect likely work together to provide a synergistic beneficial effect,” said lead researcher E. Mitchell Seymour, PhD.


“Study Uncovers Mechanism for How Grapes Reduce Heart Failure Associated with Hypertension,” University of Michigan Health System, 5/2/13

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