Omega 3s Aid Young Adults

Healthy young adults can boost their working memory by increasing their intake of omega-3 fatty acids, according to a new study. During a six-month trial of people 18 to 25, "We found that members of this population can enhance their working memory performance even further, despite their already being at the top of their cognitive game," said researcher Bit Moghaddam, PhD.

Most similar studies have been done with elderly patients or people with medical conditions. Blood tests and memory tests prior to the study showed that the omega 3s the participants were getting from their diet had positive effects on their working memory. But after taking the daily supplement for six months, participants' scores on a test that required keeping track of letters and numbers had improved further.


"Omega-3 Intake Heightens Working Memory in Healthy Young Adults," University of Pittsburgh, 10/25/12

Choose Eco-Friendly Omega 3s

How can you be sure you’re buying healthful omega-3 supplements that are environmentally low impact? Read the ingredients on supplement bottles to learn the source of the fatty acids, and visit the producers’ websites to find out about their harvesting and production techniques.

Consider buying supplements certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. Look for the council’s Certified Sustainable Seafood logo on the label. To earn the logo, seafood and seafood products must meet the organization’s best practice guidelines and must originate from a sustainable fishery.


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