Holistic Alternatives to Statin Drugs

Statins, which are prescribed for lowering cholesterol, are the best-selling drugs in the history of medicine.

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Stroke Prevention

Sleep time is crucial

Habitually being short on sleep significantly increases the risk of stroke among normal-weight adults. 

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Off Center?

8 Holistic Stress Solutions

For most of us day-to-day stress is a part of living. The experts recommend learning to manage stress rather than letting it manage you.

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Fight the Flu

Botanicals ease symptoms & boost immunity Read more

Take Control of Blood Pressure

Doctors often prescribe medications to help control high blood pressure. But, lifestyle factors usually have positive effects. A number of supplements can also help. Read more

In Search of Lost Sleep

Sleeping is one of the most critical stages in a person’s day. Read more

Vitamin D v. the Flu

Powerful weapon for cold and flu season Looking for another weapon to help you and your family fight colds and flus this season? Try supplementing with vitamin D. Read more