Clean Cosmetics

Natural makeup has come a long way. New color formulations help women create their own signature look, safe in the knowledge that they’re reducing their exposure to questionable chemicals. Natural mineral makeups are formulated without chemical dyes, fragrance, mineral oil, parabens and preservatives—all of which can be irritants at minimum and toxic in the worst-case scenario. Parabens, for example, have been associated with disruption of hormones. (Watch out for products labeled as mineral makeups that include these ingredients.) Containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, mineral make-ups offer sufficient UV protection for running around doing errands, though not enough for your beach vacation. Zinc oxide may also be healing for irritated skin. The downside of mineral makeups is that they can clump in fine lines and wrinkles. Be sure skin is adequately hydrated and moisturized, and apply makeup with a light hand. Alternatively, look for cream cosmetic formulated with mineral pigment in a natural oil base. Look for mineral foundations and powders as well as eye and cheek tints.