Homeopathic Help for Acne: Web Extra

Specific homeopathic remedies can be useful
in controlling the various types of acne.

Antimonium crud is useful when there are small, red pimples present on the face. 

Belladonna is indicated for bright red facial pimples that form on the temples, corners of the mouth, and chin.

Causticum is useful for itchy, red pimples that are worse on the nose.

Hepar sulph is indicated for pimples that form whiteheads and pustules on the forehead. Take in a low potency to promote drainage. To stop the formation of pustules, take in a high potency (for dosages above 30c, see a skilled homeopathic consultant).

Pulsatilla may help women whose acne appears around menstruation when periods are late or absent.

Sulphur is one of the most important remedies for acne, particularly if the case is chronic. Areas around the pimples tend to burn and itch, and facial skin is rough, dry, and hard with acne that’s associated with large boils.