Fit Pregnancy

You’re fit and you’d like to remain so during your pregnancy. Great news! As long as you have no critical health conditions and your healthcare practitioner has offered guidance about how much exercise you can do, there’s no need to take a “pregnant pause” in your physical fitness routine. In fact, staying active can help prepare your body for labor and get you back to your pre-baby shape more quickly after giving birth. Here are five tips from fitness consultant Joshua Lipsey, founder of Core Concepts, to keep in mind. Stay core strong! Strengthening your core muscles—abdominals, glutes, and back—helps facilitate labor, improves posture (which lessens strain on the back), and stabilizes the pelvis during pregnancy. Sweat it out! Doing monitored cardiovascular activity—nothing too intense, too high impact, or too long in duration—during pregnancy reduces the risk of gestational diabetes. Thrust yourself into action! During the first trimester, pelvic thrusts—when you lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor and lift your hips toward the ceiling—help enhance blood flow and prevent hemorrhoids. Eat right!Attack the back! Strengthening upper back muscles such as the trapezius and rhomboids helps maintain the shoulder girdle in a prepregnancy position. To strengthen the back, sit on a sturdy Swiss exercise ball, which immediately engages the core. Then “row” a resistance band toward the sides of your body. About Joshua Lipsey: As founder and director of Core Concepts Inc., Joshua Lipsey is a sought-after fitness consultant and core specialist. His expertise is core enhancement and he has developed thousands of core exercises.