Replenish the Well


So, I ate my way through New Orleans, as planned, and now I’m on a cleanse.  If they gave out grades for eating every deliciously decadent food under the sun, then I would have been at the head of the class while enjoying myself in NOLA.  

I joke not. We ate dinner at the home of a truly lovely woman, her name is Kay, and she is a dear friend’s dear friend.

Kay is a native and her love of her home is clearly evident. The hospitality she showed me and my friend Dan knew no bounds.

She introduced me to my first beignet at the Morningside Café in City Park. While enjoying the beauty of the moss-covered trees and swans and a café’ au lait, I had to restrain myself from eating at least a half dozen of these deep fried and prettily powdered regional specialties! 

Not to mention her husband Byron’s delicious barbecued shrimp. I could have eaten heaping plates full of shrimp, which By had purchased right off the docks that morning for $4 a pound. They were the size of endives, and I was in heaven. He gave me his recipe, which requires six sticks of butter . . . 

Yes, about that cleanse. I’m getting my digestion back in balance by sticking with greens, other low glycemic vegetables, fruit, and raw nuts. I’m trying to juice a lot and my evening meal will be a large salad with a healthy dressing and a glass or two of vegetable juice. 

The "spring cleansing" for my humble abode got put on hold, temporarily, because of personal obligations. However, I’m happy to report that I am nesting today and plan on continuing with getting rid of that which is no longer needed and, at long last,  applying a bit more “feng shui” to Heidiland.

There is nothing like taking a bit of time to organize and feed the soul. My back and body ached from a week plus without yoga. So, this morning, I was up with the birds and playing with the pups, chatted with a friend, and made it in plenty of time for the 8 am class. Bikram is one of a few hand-picked salvations that I know should always be at the top of the ‘to do’ list.

We must replenish our own wells and spirits. I know so many people who are either very busy and/or have mega doses of stress to add to the mix. I admit that this week at work was a humdinger.  When that happens, I try to follow these guidelines: 

1.     Balance the body. Oftentimes, this is done by taking Bikram yoga (or any yoga) and moving outdoors. I usually take very long walks with the pups.  Sunshine is a must!  In general being good to the body. It could be skin brushing, a bath, a massage or yoga.

2.     Eat well. On most days, I make sure to get adequate protein, water, many many greens, and seeds and nuts.

3.     Clean the home/ declutter. Time to wipe off the dust-covered jackets of my feng shui books!

4.     Do positive affirmations and have a few healthy spiritual practices that allow me to enjoy the silence. Love Louise Hay! Love positive affirmation tapes!

5.     Do something creative near the end of the day—such as cooking, writing or singing. That’s it. Simple. But it does require discipline. Oftentimes, I don’t have the time or get lazy and skip over a few items on this general guideline for well-being. I guess that’s why there is another rule to be added: Lighten up and be good to yourself. 

What's your favorite way of regaining balance and "filling the well"?


About Heidi Boone

Heidi Boone is a sales professional on the outside and a tree hugger on the inside. She strives for well-being at every level and blogs about her experiences with yoga, eating a largely plant-based diet, and exploring the many ways to make the journey both joyous and life affirming.

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