Spring Rituals

I have become fond of cleanses.  Not militantly fond of them, mind you, but I know that a wee bit of discipline for a short duration of time can pay huge dividends.  

In many ways, a cleanse acts like a Roto-rooter for the mind, body, and spirit. And I always become motivated about this sort of thing as the days grow lighter and spring draws nearer.

 In truth, I’m doubly motivated this year. On the first day of spring, March 20, I will be flying to New Orleans for a mini vacation. Let me make it clear, I am not into deprivation. There is no way you are going to be able to keep me away from Bananas Foster, pralines, and beignets—not to mention shrimp po’ boys, gumbo, and etouffee—once I am in the Big Easy!

Let’s just say I think it’s a good idea to crank up my faithful juicer, eat a lot of alkalizing foods, and drink plenty of water in anticipation of eating my way through one of America’s cuisine capitals!

I’m keeping my cleanse simple:  Over 50 percent of the foods are raw vegetables (lots of salads), and I try to have 9 to 11 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. 

Breakfast consists of a berry smoothie (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries) made with whey and almond milk. The largest meal comes at midday. It usually consists of a source of lean protein (I’m partial to salmon) and a large salad.  Dinner is on the lighter side—another salad and vegetable juice.  Raw nuts (in moderation) and fruits are typical snacks.  Most importantly, I make sure I drink 64 ounces of water daily.  

I’m not a certified nutritionist, but this outline is largely based on the recommendations of an Ayurvedic counselor I met with many years ago.  When I follow the advice he gave me, it really gives me energy. We all need to find what works for us!                         

This is also the perfect time of year to do a little pre-spring cleaning and to feng shui the house.  After a Saturday morning spent making multiple phone calls, catching up with relatives and friends, I am ready for action!  Now it’s time to roll up my sleeves and sing along to music, while I go to work, clear out some old stuff that no longer serves its purpose and make way for the new.

My natural cleanser is being poured into a bucket of water or two (or three or four) and everything is being washed. The air outside is refreshing—carrying a hint of spring. I’ve opened a few windows to circulate the air, lavender oil is being burned in an aromatherapy burner, and some favorite tunes are playing in the background.  Seasonal rituals add life to the here and now and also rejuvenate the spirit.

I look at expiration dates on spices, put clothes in bags so that I can give them away, slowly make my way around my home to clean, circulate energy, and bring in good chi.

There is such a feeling of accomplishment when you stand back and admire your efforts after doing a deep cleansing on your home and your body.  Life seems to flow that much more effortlessly in so many ways.

My dogs, Anya and Pookie, are tired from our snowshoe hike. It’s one of my favorite winter activities, and I knew this weekend might be one of the last opportunities to take advantage of being in the woods after a fresh snowfall. 

We had a wonderful walk, and now the dogs are happily snoring away and Baldrick, my cat, has wedged himself between the two of them.  It’s a happy scene. I look at them and know I made the right choice for how to spend this Saturday.  How I adore living within the rhythms of each given season!

Do you have a favorite spring ritual? Feel free to share!


About Heidi Boone

Heidi Boone is a sales professional on the outside and a tree hugger on the inside. She strives for well-being at every level and blogs about her experiences with yoga, eating a largely plant-based diet, and exploring the many ways to make the journey both joyous and life affirming. 


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