Sweet Ingredients


A colleague was at a local shop when she saw these sweet little packages of delicate chocolate. She brought one back for us to try.

The .88-oz bar was so little, in fact, that the package directed the curious to a website for a list of ingredients that wouldn’t fit on the packaging. While on the site, I saw another item on the list of products this company carries: sakay. As in, “Cinnamon and sakay pepper chocolate.”

It’s not named after him, but Macario Sakay was a hero in the Philippine revolution at the turn of the last century (1901). He was featured in two films called “Sakay,” one in 1939 and a more recent production in 1993, according to IMDB.

In fact, sakay in this case is actually a condiment from Madagascar, and a spicy one. Recipes call for green and/or red chilies, ginger, and garlic.

Watch it being made at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0CSjI_ZrVo

And, by the way, we tried the sea salt and nibs chocolate from Mad├ęcasse, and it was delicious, with a tender bite. The nibs had been pressed into the bottom of this slim bar, making a surprisingly love design. Check out the chocolate that inspired the search at http://www.madecasse.com/


Posted by: Donna Moxley, Managing Editor


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