Debit Cards May Foster Smoking


Parents are often unaware that some “campus cash” debit cards can be used to buy cigarettes. A study from the University of Colorado Cancer Center found that of the top 100 universities as ranked by US News and World Report, 11 allow tobacco sales and 13 allow e-cigarette sales on such cards. 

“Parents put money on these debit cards and kids spend the money,” said researcher Robert Dellavalle, MD, PhD. Previous research has shown that nearly half of college students who smoke have used campus debit cards to purchase cigarettes.

“Cracking down on this ‘campus cash’ is a major opportunity for these colleges to take a step toward preventing tobacco use on their campuses,” said lead author Lindsay Boyers.


“Study: Campus Debit Cards Let Students Buy Cigarettes with Parents’ Money,” University of Colorado Denver, 1/7/15


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