Stress Less This Holiday Season

There’s no nice way to say it—life can be stressful. This is especially true  during the holidays.

While most of us look forward to celebrating with friends and family, the festivities can compound our stress. Here are some helpful ways to get back to feeling merry and bright.

Stress-Busting Basics

During this busy time of year, it’s easy to rely on junk-food snacks to keep you going, which will just make you feel worse. Instead choose healthy, stress-busting foods like avocado,
blueberries, dark chocolate, and pistachios.

Making time to exercise regularly, even with a hectic schedule, is a great way to reduce stress. Find something physical you like to do, and work it into your routine. Exercise works best for stress relief when done on a regular basis.

Nourishing Nutrients

Nutritional deficiencies can make stress symptoms worse. If your diet has been less than ideal, supplements can help.

Vitamin A has antioxidant properties that may help control feelings of stress. B-complex vitamins boost nervous system health. Vitamin C helps reduce feelings of anxiety caused by oxidative damage. Vitamin D deficiency can make it harder for your body to absorb other vitamins, and intensify feelings of stress.

Mineral Magic

Magnesium deficiency can make it harder for the body to respond to stress. In turn, stress tends to deplete magnesium resources, creating a feedback loop of compounding stress. Most Americans don’t get enough of this mineral through their diets, so consider a magnesium supplement.

Relaxing Herbs

Stress can make it hard to sleep. If you’re suffering from stress-related insomnia, consider valerian
root. Take a time-out with a cup of chamomile tea to reduce anxiety, kava tea to help you relax, or tulsi tea to balance cortisol levels and relieve stress.


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