Foods to Help Resist The Flu

Some foods that can help you in the battle to stave off viruses.

Although reports of flu have been sporadic this season, more widespread activity is likely to start soon. Here are some foods that can help you in the battle to stave off the influenza virus. They’ll help you ward off colds too.

Foods for Support Against Flu

  • Yogurt

    It’s packed with immunity-boosting probiotic bacteria.

  • Oranges

    These and their citrus cousins pack plenty of vitamin C, which helps fight infections.

  • Garlic

    That strong flavor comes from sulfur, which fights viruses and gives your immune system a healthy push.

  • Salmon

    A great source of vitamin D, which enhances cells that battle viruses. (Salmon is also a terrific source of omega-3 fatty acids.)

  • Almonds

    Their vitamin E supports your body’s immune function.

What If I Already Have The Flu?

If the flu virus does reach your home, turn here for sore throat relief.


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