Thanksgiving Desserts with a Superfood Twist


Old-Fashioned Donuts with Cranberry-Chia Glaze

Old-Fashioned Donuts with Cranberry-Chia Glaze are filled with Superfoods like coconut flour, oil, and sugar. Mix up these ingredients with baking soda, vanilla extract, and apple cider vinegar, and for a sweet topping. The Cranberry-Chia glaze is perfect for your taste buds. Pop the donuts in the oven for 8 minutes and you’re ready to add some flare to your donuts!

Baked Apple Stuffed Crumble

Baked Apple Stuffed Crumble is stuffed with a variety of Nutiva’s superfoods like Coconut Oil, Hempseed, and Chia seed.  This recipe take creates a healthy spin on the typical Thanksgivin g dessert that is tasty and easy-to-make in just 30 minutes.