17 Fun Activities to Celebrate Earth Day


Celebrating our planet can be just that—a celebration. Here are some fun and easy ways to honor Mother Earth on April 22.

  1. Toss wildflower seeds into an area of your yard.
  2. Check out green-themed library books to read to your children.
  3. Forgo driving if possible.
  4. Pick up litter around your favorite public place.
  5. Donate $25 to an environmental organization.
  6. See who in the family can take the shortest shower.
  7. Donate old children’s books to your local library.
  8. Wake up and take a walk.
  9. Go seed shopping for native plants.
  10. Read The Lorax out loud.
  11. Go shopping at a consignment shop.
  12. Plant a tree.
  13. Make a dinner with food from local farms.
  14. Whip up some eco-playdough.
  15. Take your kids to the park.
  16. Enjoy a picnic.
  17. Skip the gym and go for a run or bike ride.

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