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For more than 20 years, we’ve reported on a range of health and wellness topics, including dietary approaches, green living, herbs, and supplements, as well as lifestyle practices such as meditation and yoga, to help people find what works for them. In other words, we help you do you.

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You can count on us to be transparent with our sources, which include peer-reviewed studies, medical journals, academic research institutions, groundbreaking new books, and interviews with medical experts and holistic health practitioners and pioneers.

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Taste for Life Magazine

In addition to this website, we publish Taste for Life and Remedies for Life, monthly print magazines available (for free!) at natural products stores and co-ops nationwide. You can see magazine samples here.

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Our sourced and fact-checked content is used by many organizations, retailers, and businesses in innovative ways to reach and support a diversity of clients and customers. Learn more about our custom programs.

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