Ross Pelton, PhD

Dr. Ross Pelton is a microbiome scientist and scientific director for Essential Formulas, which specializes in premium probiotics. He is also a pharmacist, clinical nutritionist, health educator, and the author of 12 books. In 1999, Dr. Pelton was named one of the top 50 most influential pharmacists in America by American Druggist magazine for his work in natural medicine. Learn more about Dr. Pelton and his work at his website.

As a professional pharmacist, Ross Pelton knows pharmaceuticals. As a CCN, he knows nutrition. As a health professional who is personally devoted to fitness, nutrition and longevity, he knows how to integrate them.

With over 30 years of research and scientific experience, Ross Pelton has turned his passion for educating people on their health into a legacy for thousands of clients around the world. Whether its tackling tough subjects like safe natural therapies for depression and anxiety, ADD & ADHD, or preventing the side effects of oral contraceptives, Ross covers a myriad of subjects and speaks frankly about what you need to do naturally to take charge of your life.

Ross Pelton began his career in the health sciences by graduating from the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy in 1966. Ross worked as a pharmacist for a number of years before joining the Peace Corps in 1972. He taught high school chemistry for 2 years in Malaysia, and also closely observed the village shamans and native healing arts in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in 1966 with a degree in pharmacy, he went on to receive his Ph.D. in Psychology and Holistic Health in 1984 from the University for Humanistic Studies in San Diego, California.  In 1993, Dr. Pelton also became a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN).