Eating Healthier Away from Home

The Templeton List is Your Guide to Healthy Eateries
a restaurant with a sticker in the window that says "100% healthy"

The Templeton List isn't just for people deeply dedicated to health; it's for anyone looking for healthy dining options across America.

Featured in Whole Foods Magazine and Woman's World among other publications, it provides a reliable go-to resource for finding healthy eateries across the U.S.

Discover Healthy Eating Spots Everywhere

The Templeton List, a division of The Templeton Wellness Foundation, is more than a mere list of places to eat; our dedicated team ensures each restaurant adheres to our rigorous health standards before we recommend them.

This means evaluating everything from their ingredients' freshness to their cooking techniques, so that wherever you travel in the country, there will always be delicious yet nutritive meals available to you!

Something for Everyone

New restaurants are added daily! With a growing number of dining establishments on the list ranging from cozy cafes to fine dining establishments, there's sure to be something ideal for every palate and diet.

This variety enables consumers to make informed food decisions that balance flavor with health considerations while supporting local eateries that prioritize both.

We’re always in search of the healthiest restaurants in the country – feel free to contact us if there is one you’d like to recommend. Our team will check it out.

James Templeton's Dream

Inspired by James Templeton, who overcame Stage 4 cancer over 38 years ago and has since been an advocate of alternative health practices, The Templeton List strives to make eating well part of everyday wellness.

James's experience, as recorded in his book I Used To Have Cancer, emphasizes the value of diet when it comes to staying healthy. This List serves as his way of helping others discover pleasure from eating food that's good for them!

Making Healthy Dining Simple

We understand it can be challenging to find healthy dining options, which is why the Templeton List keeps you up-to-date with the latest offerings. More than just a directory, this resource serves to foster better eating habits among you and your loved ones.

Start making healthier eating choices right now using The Templeton List, taking one step towards living a balanced life.