Tiny Houses: The Fad Sweeping the Nation

No mortgage, more time with loved ones, and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Add in your cat or dog, and that sounds like the real American Dream. Now, try accomplishing this in 300 square feet or less. Still dreaming?

Tiny houses have existed for the last decade. But they’ve now become the latest trend in home owning. Couples and families have discovered a variety of reasons to build or move into these homes.

It may not look like it, but these homes have full bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and sometimes even laundry rooms. Even with these regularities, the main goal of living in these houses is to lead a simpler life.

While most Americans are downsizing to fit into these homes, the tiny-house movement may be an upgrade for some. Across the country, organizations are working on creating tiny houses for the homeless.

This new fad is sweeping the nation. Some believe that tiny houses will play a huge role in the real-estate future.

For many of those living in tiny homes, life could not be better. Candace Anderson and Aaron Castle, for example, have lived in their 137-square foot house for two years. They have learned how to survive in a minimalistic lifestyle, how to appreciate each other, but also how to find privacy in their small home.

“It’s like marriage boot camp,” Castle said in an article. “Everyone should be required to live in a tiny house before getting married. Divorce rates are guaranteed to drop.”

The benefits of tiny houses are endless; they can bring people together, save money and resources, and bring back the essentials of living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Not ready to completely give up your full-sized house? Start off small, and try creating Taste for Life’s ultimate sustainable kitchen or a flourishing vegetable garden.