Regeneration of Organs

Regeneration of Organs


Is it possible to regrow skin, fingers, whole arms and legs? Hearts and kidneys?

It seems very possible — and is happening!

Limb regeneration research by the orthopedic surgeon Robert O. Becker showed that mammals could regrow amputated arms and legs by simply passing a specific electric current across the amputation site — and this research was done in the 1970's! Unfortunately, his research lost funding (coincidentally after he testified against the electric company for ignoring the risks of high voltage lines).  Plus, the battery and wires needed are very cheap and hence not likely to lead to giant profits, so it has been largely ignored. I had followed his research in the 1970's, and am glad to see interest in the field coming back!

I invite you to watch this fascinating video:

Regeneration of cells — CBS Cutting Edge

More Information Online

The Body Electric by Robert Becker MD (this book discusses his research on limb regeneration) 


Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

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