Thumb tendonitis is characterized by pain along the side of your hand going from the thumb joint towards the wrist. If you feel around, you may find a “ropy” cord (the tendon) that hurts, with the pain worsening when you push on it.


Recommended Supplements

Pain relief herbals

Pain relief herbals that include willow bark, boswellia and cherry can help over 4-6 weeks (2 capsules 3 times a day till pain resolves, then as needed). Another excellent mix is a highly absorbed curcumin, boswellia, DLPA and natto. I would use the 2 herbal mixes together (1-2 tabs 3x day till the pain is resolved or 6 weeks, then as needed). If your doctor is willing, adding the pain gel below makes a powerful combination.


Pain gels/creams

Compounded prescription pain gels/creams can work very well for this (physicians can call these in to ITC pharmacy at 888-349-5453 and should ask for the "topical pain mix"). Give it 6 weeks to work (it'll be faster than that). It is very safe and effective — and highly recommended for any tendonitis, and for localized pain in general. Steroid injections locally are also reasonable (not to be injected into the tendon).


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