The 2019 Immunity Essentials Awards

Germs are lurking.

This time of year, they seem to be everywhere, leaving victims in their wake. If the reddened eyes, sniffling noses, and hacking coughs surrounding you have you paranoid about your own immunity, turn to these natural remedies.

The nutrients and herbs in these products have science behind them, showing they can help strengthen immunity.§


Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients ACF Extra Strength Extreme Immune Support with Elderberry. This liquid formula boosts immunity with echinacea, goldenseal extract, olive leaf, and more!

This immune-support liquid for children delivers the antioxidant power of certified organic elderberries with no added sugar.

Elderberry plus echinacea, zinc, and vitamin C makes this a no-brainer for adults and children.

The antioxidant activity of whole elderberry combines with the antimicrobial ability of whole black currant to support immunity.

Homeopathic tablets quickly dissolve in the mouth without water. Tasty, fast relief from cold and flu symptoms.

Provides a blend of essential nutrients with a clinically studied, standardized elderberry extract.


Features a 10:1 elderberry concentrate along with vitamin C and zinc for immune support.

Relieve coughs and support immunity with this tasty blend of zinc gluconate, echinacea, honey, slippery elm, and marshmallow root.


This polysaccharide has been shown to stimulate immune function to help fight off infection.

Herbal Blend

Supports the endocannabinoid system and immune function with noncannabis herbs and botanicals that activate both CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Wellness Formula

This formula contains all the heavy-hitters: garlic, propolis, echinacea, elderberry, olive leaf, horehound, andrographis, vitamin c, zinc, and more!


Don’t overlook fish oil and vitamin D3 during cold and flu season. Both support immunity.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Hot water extracted maitake and turkey tail mushrooms combined with astragalus and bioavailable turmeric make a doctor-formulated winning combination.

More than 400 clinical studies have focused on this mushroom. Contains two polysaccharides—PSK and PSP—known to boost immunity.

This premium blend combines six mushrooms—maitake, shiitake, chaga, reishi, enokitake, and himematsutake—to support the immune system.

A fermentation process increases the availability of the immune-boosting polysaccharides found in reishi, turkey tail, and cordyceps. The adaptogen schisandra energizes.

Nasal Spray for Kids

Works like a charm on congestion. Rely on this product for quick clearing of nasal passages.


Made with organic oregano extract to help support healthy microbial balance. Powerfully effective, these capsules bolster the body’s defenses.


High-potency spore probiotic with DNA-verified strains for better digestion and immunity support.

Respiratory Health

A synergistic blend of 13 traditional Chinese medicine herbs for lung health combined with immune-enhancing herbs, including elderberry, olive leaf, and andrographis.


This is a different type of “flu shot”!  Pomegranate, elderberry, and cayenne blended with rooibos, cinnamon, and lemon.


Delicious blend of organic black tea and superfoods, including maca and ginger. All that plus probiotics keep you running strong.

Vitamin D

One liquid drop—put in food, beverage, or directly on the tongue—delivers 2,000 IU of vitamin D3. Each bottle contains 365 drops.

Sore Throat

Made from New Zealand manuka honey, this product has high antibacterial activity. They’re a “kids’” product, but adults love them too!


Bioavailable turmeric (Curcumin C3 Complex) plus olive leaf supports immunity big time.

Harnesses the antioxidant power of turmeric and black seed extracts.

Vitamin C

Naturally occurring metabolites and added citrus bioflavonoids help enhance the absorption of vitamin C for 24-hour immune support.

Vitamin C is a trusted tool for reducing the length of colds. Liquid form appeals to kids.

§These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.