2015 Personal Care Essentials Awards

{MOISTURIZER} Acure Day Cream uses gotu kola stem cells to firm skin and fight environmental and free radical damage. Natural ingredients support collagen. Very emollient without being tacky.

{CLEANSER} Budget-friendly Alaffia Everyday Shea Hand Soap offers outstanding scents and a moisturizing clean.

{CLEANSER} Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Shower Gel produces a rich, luxurious lather that rinses off clean. Made with rosehip and argan oils with coconut water.

{BODY LOTION} Andalou Naturals Fruit Stem Cell Science 1000 Roses Body Lotion delivers a lovely, fresh scent and a blend of rosehip and argan oils with Fair Trade shea and cocoa butter. 

{HAIR CARE} NSF-certified Aubrey Chia Mousse Omega-3 Protein-Rich Color Care is light and clean for those who don’t want to be weighed down on their way to looking fabulous.

{BEAUTY SUPPLEMENTS} Country Life Maxi-Skin Collagen + C&A uses clinically studied Verisol collagen with bioactive peptides to enhance skin elasticity, increase collagen in skin, and reduce eye wrinkles.

{EYE CREAM} Feel like you just stepped out of the spa with Derma e Firming DMAE Eye Lift with InstaLift and Advanced Peptides.

{MOISTURIZER} Derma e Soothing Moisturizing Crème with Anti-Aging Pycnogenol delivers fragrance-free moisture for sensitive skin. Enriched with vitamins and antioxidants.

{COSMETICS} DeVita Moisture Tints Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Vegan BB Cream is an all-in-one product that combines sun protection with natural moisturizer and tinted coverage. Paraben free.

{COSMETICS} Eco Lips One World Relieve Softening Lip Balm in Cocoa Vanilla Nut applies easily without feeling waxy. Lips feel soft and protected for hours.

{BODY LOTION} Those with sensitive skin who want a fragrance-free option will appreciate the smooth and lightweight Everclēn Body Lotion.

{RELAXING CREAMS & OILS} Home Health Almond Glow Unscented Body Lotion Massage Oil nourishes skin with a vitamin E–rich blend of peanut, olive, and lanolin oils.

{COSMETICS} Have fun mixing and matching Honeybee Gardens Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow singles. Powder blends well for a crease-proof and soft-textured look. Paraben free.

{BATH SCRUB & SALTS} Fans of sugar scrubs will rave about J.R. Watkins Sugar and Shea Body Scrub Grapefruit. It’s refreshing and energizing, with a nourishing shea oil blend.

{RELAXING CREAMS & OILS} Just Pure Essentials JUST…Love is made from plant-based organic oils, including coconut oil, that moisturize and nourish. Can be used for massages.

{TONER} Lotus Aroma Gentle Toner uses eco-consciously sourced floral waters to leave skin refreshed and smooth.

{SERUM} Lotus Aroma Youth Anti-Wrinkle Night Serum improves smoothness thanks to natural alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids, along with hyaluronic acid. 

{MOISTURIZER} Mushroom Wisdom Aquamella Advanced Skin Care with Tremella and Pearl combines moisture-retaining tremella mushroom with coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid antioxidants for a winning combination.

{FEMININE PROTECTION} Natracare Cotton Tampons are certified organic cotton and contain no perfume, plastic, or chlorine. Biodegradable and compostable, this is a product you can feel good about using.

{RELAXING CREAMS & OILS} Natural CALM Magnesium Cream harnesses the relaxing power of the mineral magnesium to provide relief for tight muscles.

{HAIR CARE} Naturtint Permanent Hair Color delivers intense color and long-lasting gray coverage with no parabens, ammonia, or resorcinol.

{BEAUTY SUPPLEMENTS} New Nordic Hair Volume contains procyanidin B2 extracted from apples—a nutrient that promotes hair follicle activity.

{CLEANSER} With its great citrus scent, NOW Solutions Vitamin C & Manuka Honey Gel Cleanser is an invigorating way to start the day! Paraben free.

{ORAL HEALTH} Cleaning the choppers is a pleasure with the refreshing taste of NOW Solutions Xyli White Neem & Tea Tree Toothpaste Gel. No sodium lauryl sulfate.

{CLEANSER} Nubian Heritage Goat’s Milk & Chai Body Wash leaves skin soft, smooth, and smelling wonderful.

{HEALTH AID} Scandinavian Formulas SalivaSure provides effective relief for dry mouth due to side effects of some medical treatments and prescription medications.

{RELAXING CREAMS & OILS} Suki Hydrating Body Oil has Suki’s trademark delicate lemon scent and absorbs quickly. Leaves skin feeling soft without any residue. Effective for even tough areas like elbows!

{BATH SCRUB & SALTS} The Orange Owl Tranquil Ocean Bath Salts combine therapeutic salts with clove, rosemary, cypress, and tangerine essential oils.

{DEODORANT} Vermont Soap Organics Sage Lime Organic Deodorant is the first underarm protection product to meet USDA organic food standards (that’s a clean product, people!). It’s effective, has a pleasant smell, and doesn’t contain propylene glycol or triclosan.

{BODY LOTION} Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Body Lotion tones and tightens skin all over. Ingredients are 92 percent organic and made with fairly traded ingredients.

§These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.