Live in the Raw, Liberating Your Sexual Soul

Image of a couple holding hands.

Recently I’ve been watching “Masters of Sex.” It’s a series that was aired a few years ago, it depicts Masters and Johnson, who were the pioneers and scientists in the study of human sexuality. In the 1950s, they were the two most influential people daring to explore and talk about sex. Against all odds, they broke the puritanical societal convention by publicly discussing and conversing about sex, desire, and the body. What’s curious is how little we used to know about our bodies, our souls and our psyches in the realm of sexuality. 

Sex, Relationships & Intimacy

At our fingertips, we can find information about sex, yet it seems there’s still a lack of understanding about having and maintaining relationships in intimacy. How few of us really want an “Into Me You See” relationship. With the interruption of phones up to our ears, eyes peering into computer screens, and lives that are so busy it’s hard to just sit and be, it’s no wonder that true intimacy is more of a fantasy than an achievable interaction. Somehow the culture does not beckon us to stop the constant movement to reach into the depths of knowing the self.

Understanding One's Self for a Better Relationship

How do you know the self? Superficial drama and the stories you tell yourself may calm you and feel self nurturing, yet do they really allow you to meet the soul that lives within?

The journey to understand the soul and the psyche requires the internal desire to peel away the protective layers that have been created by you. If you want to look at yourself in the raw, it is like peeling an artichoke. The outer layers are both sweet and prickly. When you get through each piece of the artichoke, you eventually get to the heart. It is soft, sweet, tart and belongs to you.

It’s never easy to choose to be in personal pain to grow. Yet, when you take yourself on, which means to go into the darkness and hunger of the soul, you find enlightenment and enrichment.

Liberating Your Soul & Sexual Self

One step at a time, when undressed, you will move from a kind of false self to a self that is more substantial. Through this spectrum of movement, the sexual soul is no longer annihilated by you for lack of attention paid to it, rather it is liberated. What the autonomy does for the soul is it attracts other autonomous beings who are up for the challenges that being in intimacy present.

What is this journey for you?

Imagine the liberation of your soul. What would be different?


Edy Nathan

Edy Nathan, MA, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist and certified sex therapist with over 20 years of experience in the field of grief and trauma. She is a certified EMDR practitioner, regression therapist, and certified hypnotherapist. Her formal training as a psychotherapist integrates with her views on trauma, abuse, and death.