Are you hardcore about oral health?

Congrats to our winners of this giveaway:
OregaCARE Swirl & Swallow Mouthwash: Kristen S. of Greensburg, PA
OregaFRESH P73 Toothpaste: Alexandra O. of Ingleside, IL
Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste: Jessica P. of Altoona, PA
Stevita Gum: Meghan B. of Highlands, CO and Jill H. of Greybull, WY

Watch Amy and Lynn try two toothpastes, a mouthwash, and some gum! Make sure to enter the contest and if you have any questions regarding Trendspotting or oral care in general, send to

If you're interested in learning more about these products, visit JĀSÖN | North American Herb & Spice | Stevita

Oral Health

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