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Here’s a tidbit that no one will consider news: Many children are picky eaters. No matter how vigilant parents might be, getting kids and teens to eat a balanced diet is an uphill climb.

There has been good news recently on the nutrition front, however.

Nutrition Trends for Young Families

Families with young children are making healthier food choices, according to a new report in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Purchases of high-calorie drinks and processed foods declined in households with a preschool-aged child. Researchers looked at purchase data for more than 40,000 households from 2000 to 2011. During that period, the trend toward childhood obesity leveled off, and it now shows a significant decline. 

Total calories from food and beverage purchases dropped significantly during the study period, with milk, soft drinks, juice, juice drinks, and grain-based desserts showing the biggest declines. 

“Discussions about childhood obesity often focus on the negative aspects of fast food,” said Meghan Slining, PhD. “Food and beverages purchased from supermarkets and grocery stores represent a much greater share of young children’s diets. This report suggests important improvements over the past decade in the food shopping behaviors of American families with young children.”

Nutrition and Supplements for Picky Eaters

Of course, the average kid may still balk at broccoli, choose chips over apple slices, and make a face when told to drink a glass of milk.

That’s why a multivitamin/mineral supplement is often a good choice for filling in the nutritional gaps. Kids with certain chronic conditions or food allergies may especially benefit from a daily multi, as may children who are vegan or vegetarian.

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