Hintonia Latiflora for Diabetics

A Safe and Effective Way to Manage Blood Sugar
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What is Hintonia latiflora?

Hintonia latiflora is an extract of the bark of a shrubby tree that grows in the Sonoran Desert. It has been used in folk medicine in Mexico and Central America to treat and even reverse high blood sugar, insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome for over a century.

It’s been studied in detail for its ability to reverse high blood sugars for the past 60 years.

Studies Show Hintonia latiflora is Effective for Treating Diabetes

After a number of case reports showing efficacy, 10 more studies have been published looking at this herb’s effectiveness in treating diabetes. Research has shown it was so effective that many patients with Type 2 diabetes could reduce or eliminate their need for insulin, especially those needing 25 units a day or less. They were also routinely able to lower the dose or eliminate their oral hypoglycemic agents.

One Hintonia latiflora study followed 177 patients with prediabetes or mild Type 2 diabetes for eight months. Patients consumed capsules that included hintonia as the primary ingredient. During the study, patients were evaluated every two months on various parameters of diabetes, including HbA1C, fasting glucose, and postprandial blood sugar, as well as common symptoms associated with diabetes, such as neuropathy.

Improvements of Diabetics Using Hintonia latiflora

At the end of eight months, researchers noted these improvements:

  • HbA1C improved by a significant average of 10.4 percent.
  • Fasting glucose improved an average of 23.3 percent.  
  • Postprandial glucose decreased by an average of 24.9 percent.

Improvements were also found in diabetic symptoms, as well as blood pressure, cholesterol, and liver enzyme values.

Is Hintonia latiflora Safe?

Hintonia latiflora is an incredibly safe herbal medicine. Researchers followed up with study participants for almost three years, and there were no side effects or any problems taking it in combination with blood-sugar-control medications.

How Does Hintonia latiflora Work?

  • Hintonia inhibits glucosidases, slowing the breakdown and absorption of sugar in the gut. This delays the release of sugar into the bloodstream and keeps glucose levels low instead of allowing them to spike, a main cause of excessive insulin release.
  • Coutareagenin, a nutrient found in hintonia extracts, appears to be responsible for other blood sugar-controlling benefits. It has been shown to reduce insulin resistance and inflammation.

Excerpted with permission from Diabetes Is Optional by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD ($8.95, To Your Health Books, 2018).
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Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

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