an illustration of erratic brainwaves

An irritable focus in the brain will activate that part of the brain intermittently.

When it is in the motor area (which controls muscle movement) it shows as the classic “Grand mal” shaking seizure and may result in the person passing stool or urine during the attack.

In other areas it may simply cause spells where people seem to “space out” (called absence seizures).


The EEG brain wave test to diagnose seizures is often only positive during a seizure and normal between attacks, so a negative EEG offers little useful information.


Your neurologist will recommend trials of a number of medications (AED’s or Anti-Epileptic Drugs) to find one or a mix that prevents the seizures without causing too many side effects. It is worth taking these.

Once you are seizure free for 6 months (which also helps the brain heal, decreasing the risk of future seizures) you can ask your doctor if it is reasonable to stop the medication(s).

  • General Diet Advice

    • Avoid Caffeine

      It can trigger seizures.

  • Recommended Supplements

    • Multi-Nutrient Powder

      There are numerous vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that have been shown to be low and/or helpful in people with seizures.

      These include:

      • Vitamin B1
      • Vitamin B3
      • Vitamin B6
      • Folate
      • Vitamin D
      • Vitamin E
      • Magnesium (a major benefit)
      • Copper (no more than 12 mg/day)
      • Selenium
      • Zinc
      • Biotin
      • Choline
      • Glutamine
      • Taurine

      All of these can typically be found in a good multi-nutrient powder (see Energy Revitalization System).

    • Adrenal Nutrients

      Drops in blood sugar can trigger seizures as well, so getting adrenal support (see Adrenal Exhaustion), avoiding sweets, and having frequent small meals may help (give it a 1-2 month trial).

  • Other Therapies & Advice

    • Check for Allergies

      Food allergies can be a potent trigger for seizures. An excellent treatment for determining and eliminating allergies is an acupressure (no needles needed) technique called NAET. Also, see how to do a "Multiple Food Elimination Diet" to test for them — most blood tests are horribly unreliable. (See reference links below.)

      If seizures occur frequently, the elimination diet may help you identify food triggers.

      If rare and the seizures persist despite the treatments above, try the NAET treatments.

    • Avoid NutraSweet and MSG

      Also stop NutraSweet (aspartame) and MSG as some people have had their seizures (and other symptoms) resolve by stopping these chemicals. Substitute Stevia as a sweetener instead.

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