Mindful Change in Autumn

Embrace change, adapt, and be present in the moment.
a spiritual woman enjoying a peacful moment while on an autumn hike

As we bid farewell to a balmy summer, we are welcomed by the refreshing and crisp embrace of autumn.

Living in the Ohio area, I've come to truly cherish this shift, especially after enduring the heat, thunderstorms, and even tornados of the past months.

Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom and power, has been making her presence felt. Sometimes she is awe-inspiring, and at other times, she brings challenges.

Pause and Reflect

These moments provide us with an opportunity to pause, reflect, and truly immerse ourselves in the evolving world around us.

Fall offers nature’s grand spectacle, a visual feast of leaves changing into a radiant palette of reds, oranges, and golds. As leaves drift to the earth, they serve as a poignant reminder of life’s transient nature.

Autumn is not just a season; it's an invitation to embrace change, to adapt, and to be present in the moment. It invites us to practice mindfulness, to find solace in its serene beauty, and to prepare ourselves for the cycles of change that lie ahead.

Nature’s Rx

Studies show that immersing ourselves in nature supports mindfulness and overall well-being.

Autumn, with its tapestry of colors and distinct sensory delights like pumpkin spice everything, offers a prime setting for us to delve deep into mindfulness exercises amidst the beauty of the outdoors.

Insights from ecotherapy and the Japanese practice of forest bathing (Shinrin-yoku) highlight that forging a bond with nature during autumn can alleviate stress and foster mental clarity.

Simple mindfulness exercises such as breathing in the crisp air for several moments or even searching for leaves in a variety of colors allow the opportunity to pause and indulge in the sensory joys of the season.

There’s nothing more inviting than the rich aroma of the season and the gentle whisper of trees swaying in the wind.

Such mindful moments pave the way for inner peace and gratitude, allowing us to embrace life’s transitions and savor the intricate marvels of nature’s rhythm.

Step Back and Observe

So, I invite you to take the time to notice where change is happening around you and within you.

Step back and observe it as it unfolds.

Become curious about what might be next.

Appreciate the act of acceptance.

Use a journal to track the thoughts, feelings, and sensations as they arise.

It only takes a moment to find your rhythm and embrace mindfulness in this autumn season that exemplifies the impermanence of life.

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.F. Scott Fitzgerald

Love, Light, Prayers, and Peace!


Alyson Phelan

Alyson Phelan founded Present Moment Mindfulness and Yoga to transform lives.

She teaches science-based mindfulness solutions to individuals and organizations. She holds various degrees and certifications that support her work in the community to help build practical, accessible, and sustainable methods that work. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, and Trauma Responsive Care Certified. Visit her blog or try an online class.