5 Things You Need To Know About Collagen Peptides

Don't be fooled by fancy marketing! Make sure you know what you're after and you get what you pay for. Also, make sure you take your peptides in a way that gives you the most benefit, and the biggest bang for your buck! Collagen Peptides can be amazing support for skin, hair, nails, and also joints, bones and many other internal structures.


Amber Lynn Vitale

Amber Lynn Vitale has practiced as a Certified Nutritionist, Ayurvedic Clinical Consultant, Advanced Bodyworker and Yoga Therapist since 1996. She’s written and produced video educational content for many publications, as well as for her own clients and an interested public audience.

Amber believes that raw materials sourcing, labeling transparency, legitimate certifications, and educational support are the criteria that set quality natural products companies apart from others. It’s her mission to educate the public on the importance of education before supplementation.