Limelight Herbals Inflammation Formula

Beat the Bloat with Organic Herbs
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Chronic inflammation is a serious problem these days. Sadly, most of us are inflamed. I’m one of those and I’m constantly working on the issue, as I know that disease is associated with this condition. 

The effectiveness of Limelight Herbals Inflammation Formula has helped me in my quest to beat the bloat. This liquid tincture assists with digestive, kidney, and liver health; joint and tissue issues; and a healthy inflammation response.

Contained within this certified organic formula are highly concentrated, herbal bio-actives of turmeric root, ginger root, frankincense resin, and black pepper fruit. The herbs are sourced from bio-regional farm communities and are then blended into a 20 percent solution of sugarcane alcohol—a highly effective solvent solution for herbal extractions. 

Lessen the Swelling

I really like Limelight Herbals Inflammation Formula and feel its proprietary combination of herbs works well for me. Since taking it, I’ve noticed how much less bloated and puffy my body feels. My stomach is less inflamed and swollen too. Taking this tincture recently, I noticed an improvement in some stiff joints and back pain.

I’ve tried liquid turmeric products in the past and, wow, can they taste bitter. Thankfully I didn’t find this formula at all offensive, especially when mixed into 8 ounces of water as the instructions indicate. I like how Limelight Herbals Inflammation Formula is 98 percent bioavailable, compared to the typical 10 to 30 percent bioavailability found with tablet and capsule formulations. 

Limelight Herbals began because of the founders’ personal experiences with Lyme disease. With years of experience in biochemistry and natural herb healing, coupled with research and development, this company understands the need for highly effective and pure herbal products. For me, Inflammation Formula is definitely one of these products.

A 2 fl oz bottle, which is a 30-day supply, retails for $29.95.


Lisa Fabian

Contributing Editor

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