6 Ways to Relieve Stress

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  1. Get Enough Sleep

    For some of us, that’s seven hours a night; for others, it’s nine. If you struggle with insomnia, keep to a regular schedule; sleep in a quiet, dark room; avoid stimulants (alcohol, tobacco, sugar, exercise) at night; and establish a relaxing wind-down routine before bed. If you need extra help, drink a cup of calming tea.

  2. Check Out Ways to Care for the Body and Spirit

    Meditation, prayer, yoga, t’ai chi, and bodywork solutions like massage and acupuncture can all restore a sense of calm. 

  3. Exercise Regularly

    Susan Smith Jones, one of the people featured in Gene Stone’s book The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick, encourages everyone to get moving. “At the University of Southern California, researchers had patients take a vigorous walk around a track, and found this one simple routine reduced the level of tension in their bodies by 20 percent,” she reports. 

  4. Get Proper Nutrition

    Include plenty of organic fruits and vegetables in your diet. Take a multivitamin/mineral. 

  5. Hydrate

    Drinking plenty of pure water keeps your brain functioning properly and your kidneys working to expel wastes and toxins. 

  6. Laugh a Lot

    Happiness chases away stress, perhaps because, as Susan Smith Jones notes, laughter releases endorphins—natural stress busters.