Aloe Vera: Nature's Multitasker

Soothe skin, aid digestion, and absorb more nutrients!

Aloe vera is a great multitasker.

Humans have been using this plant for thousands of years. Cleopatra used aloe gel as a moisturizer and people still use it to soothe sunburns.

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Consumers can drink food-grade aloe juice and gel for many benefits, including improved wrinkles and skin elasticity. Its natural compounds, especially its polysaccharides, show promise in bolstering immunity and improving digestion. 

But did you know that this plant can also help increase nutrient absorption? Research shows that its polysaccharides help carry nutrients to cells, allowing for better absorption. In other words, the next time you take your supplements, wash them down with aloe vera juice instead of water!

Stop Flushing Nutrients Down the Drain

Ever notice how bright yellow your urine gets after you take your vitamins? That’s a sign that water-soluble nutrients intended to benefit your body are not being absorbed as well as they could be. Studies show that when supplements are taken with aloe vera instead of water, nutrient absorption improves by 200%.

Lily of the Desert has found a way to amplify those benefits to 2000%.

With its patent-pending process called Aloesorb, Lily of the Desert takes the heavier molecular weight polysaccharides responsible for acting like nutrient taxi cabs, isolates them, and infuses them back into its aloe products.

When Aloesorb juice was tested for nutrient absorption of vitamin C, the Lily product was found to be ten times more powerful than generic aloe, proving 2,000 times the absorption rate.

“Given the polysaccharides’ enhancement of nutrient uptake, it certainly makes sense to get full value from your daily dietary supplements by taking them with a couple ounces of aloe juice,” writes Martie Whittekin, CCN, in her book Aloe Vera: Modern Science Sheds Light on an Ancient Herbal Remedy.

“Drink it plain or mix it with your morning fruit or vegetable juice.” It’s also great in smoothies, like this one that supermodel Bella Hadid loves.

Other benefits of Aloesorb include boosted immune support. Lily of the Desert products with Aloesorb have been shown in clinical trials to support an increase in white blood cell counts.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck, a provider of independent test results, recently investigated how much money a consumer pays to get 25 milligrams of acemannan, one of aloe’s main bioactive polysaccharides.

Costs ranged considerably, especially because one product contained no acemannan! Lily of the Desert was rated as the top pick for drinkable aloe because it delivers 25 mg of acemannan at 20 cents. The closest competitor was 37 cents. 

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