The Guide to Understanding GMOs

Corn with "GMO" written on the kernels.

It’s not hard to get confused when you hear about genetic modification of foods. You know it’s something dubious, something that’s happening with unsubstantiated outcomes and potentially devastating results. How can your head not spin, considering 

  • our government supports the use of GMOs, while dozens of countries ban or intend to ban them, including many European countries.
  • many believe our food may be irrevocably contaminated as a result of GMO use.
  • initial crop yields are increased with them, but then down the road they breed super weeds? See report on Failure to Yield here

Yikes, it’s a lot of information! Sometimes it just feels easier to ignore it and hope for the best. But wait. Natural Vitality Living is here to help.

At Natural Vitality Living we’re not shy about our anti-GMO stance. We don’t like what the science says, the long-term safety studies that haven’t been conducted, or how biotech companies control farmers with GMOs. We support mandatory labeling of GMO products. There are proven methods that work better than GMO technology, support the land and food supply for the long term, and avoid needless potentially serious risks. We’d like these methods to be used instead.

Read our Guide to Understanding GMOs to find answers to your GMO questions along with resources to join the anti-GMO movement, help protect your family, and live as close to GMO-free as possible.



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