Create Your Own Lip Balm

UPDATE: The "My Eco Lips" program ended in April 2017. They still offer a wide variety of their standard flavors and styles.

How fun would it be to design your own lip balm? You choose the base emollient, scent, herbal infusions, maybe a touch of sparkle. Oh, and then design the tube.

It's a fun, fanciful idea that only a ten-year-old would dream up. Fortunately when Chloey Shriver, daughter of Steve Shriver, CEO of Eco Lips, came up with the idea My Eco Lips, her dad listened. Now we can all play chemist and create our very own lip balms. The best part? The ingredients are organic, natural, and good for the planet and us.

Creating Your Own Lip Balm

I love all the choices. The total for my lip balm: $6.99. Not bad, considering the quality and that I created it.

Pick Your Balm's Base

You begin by picking your base: I'll take certified organic sunflower oil and beeswax.

Pick Your Balm's Flavor

Next, choose a flavor: I'll go traditional with honey. I'll pass on a sweeter balm with stevia, but I will add the healing benefits of lavender.

Pick Your Balm's Style

No on the sparkle, and please make the tube pink and have it say, “Natural Vitality Living Editor's Stick.”

About Eco Lips

Since its inception in the 1990s, Eco Lips has taken care to use high-quality ingredients that are organic, when possible, GMO-free and fair trade. Through its Cause Balm Program, it gives back to nonprofit organizations. When a company walks the talk like this one, and offers cool fun products, it's a no-brainer. Pucker up...


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