Is All CBD the Same?

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With the farm bill now in action, the benefits of CBD are quickly being revealed to the public. As a result, the demand for CBD products is growing and will keep growing as more people are beginning to realize that the hype is real.

Now, you might be wondering, is all CBD the same? Is there a difference between a local dispensary CBD product and an award-winning CBD product?

As the CBD market continues to expand and more products are introduced, it’s crucial that you find a trusted provider for high-quality CBD oil.

The quality of CBD products depends greatly on the purity of the ingredients and formulation methods. Unlike the pharmaceutical industry, the CBD industry is not heavily regulated. This lack of regulation has given rise to an army of companies offering all types of low-quality products.

Just seeing the letters ‘CBD’ on a package is not enough. It’s important to know where these products are coming from, who is making them, and what they are actually infused with.

Key Differences to Look for When Purchasing a CBD Product

  1. Is the Product Lab-Tested?

    The first and most important thing to look for when purchasing any CBD product is if the product has been tested by a third-party laboratory. If it has been tested, then lab reports for that product should be available to the public somewhere on the company’s website.

    If lab reports are non-existent, you’re looking at a major RED FLAG! Without a lab report, there is no way of confirming what’s in that product or if it’s safe to use.

  2. Show Me the THC Content

    THC is now legal in several states; however, it is still illegal in most of them. For a CBD product to maintain its legality, it needs to contain a certain amount of THC. The maximum amount of THC allowed is 0.3% or less. This amount is generally considered to be safe, and shouldn’t inflict the intoxicating effects associated with THC.

    When shopping for CBD products, this should be clearly indicated in the label. If you can’t find the THC content, drop it.

  3. What Ingredients Are Used in the Product?

    The next thing on the list are the ingredients. When buying CBD products, always make sure the ingredients are listed on the label. If they are not listed at all, you are looking at another red flag. If they are, but look oddly complicated, a quick Google search can help clarify what they are and if they have any adverse side effects that might compromise the purity of the product.

  4. Company Reputation and Review

    Is the company reputable? A great way to verify the purity and legitimacy of a product or brand is by checking out what other people are saying about it. People are quick to leave negative reviews if their experience is less than satisfying. When searching for reviews, pay attention to what people have to say, it might provide useful insights into how others felt about that particular product and could reveal potential side-effects that you’d rather avoid.

    By quickly evaluating a brand’s reputation and review tabs, you can filter out bad products from high-quality best-sellers.

As a pharmacist-founded company, Green Roads is dedicated to producing the highest quality, pharmacist-formulated CBD products on the market. Their obsession with purity and potency of ingredients, proprietary formulations, multi-stage third-party lab testing are all part of a commitment to their customers. They offer a range of products tailored to any lifestyle, including CBD-infused Coffee, CBD gummies, and more.

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Fritz-Alain Moïse

Fritz-Alain Moïse is a Creative Writer at Green Roads, and scriptwriter specializing in feature films. When he’s not working, you can find him writing space operas and mini-series. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.