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Some of you are finding that despite proper eating and exercise you simply cannot lose the extra weight.

Research has shown that there are a number of things contributing to this and that when you treat them the weight will often begin to disappear.

This is discussed at length in the book From Fatigued to Fantastic!, which teaches people how to recover from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia (which causes an average 32 pound weight gain), and goes into great detail about how to effectively treat the problems discussed below.

Common Metabolic Causes of Weight Gain

  • Hypothyroidism

    Over 26 million Americans suffer with hypothyroidism, and less than one third of them are being properly diagnosed or treated! This is the case despite most of them having what their doctors mistakenly consider to be normal blood tests.

    As long as your thyroid function is inadequate, it will be nearly impossible for you to keep your weight down.

    The symptoms of hypothyroidism are:

    • fatigue
    • weight gain
    • cold intolerance
    • low body temperature (under 98.6 °F)
    • achiness
    • poor mental function
  • Nutritional Deficiencies

    When you are deficient in vitamins or minerals your body will crave more food than you need and your metabolism will be sluggish.

  • Poor Sleep

    The expression “getting your beauty sleep” actually has a basis in fact.

    Deep sleep is a major trigger for growth hormone production and sleep also regulates the appetite-controlling hormones leptin and ghrelin. Growth hormone stimulates production of muscle (which burns fat) and improves insulin sensitivity (which decreases the tendency to make fat).

    One hundred years ago, the average American got 9 hours of sleep a night. Because it raises growth hormone, getting the 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night that the human body is meant to have can powerfully contribute to your staying young and trim!

  • Yeast Overgrowth

    Clinical experience has shown that fungal (also known as Candida or yeast) overgrowth contributes powerfully to both sugar cravings and weight gain.

    Although we do not know the mechanism for this, we have repeatedly seen excess weight drop off once this overgrowth is treated and eliminated.

  • Insulin Resistance

    This causes your body to make very high levels of insulin, which causes your body to make fat.


  • Medications

    • Thyroid Hormone

      If you have symptoms of hypothyroidism, take a therapeutic trial of thyroid hormone.

      The form that I recommend is Armour thyroid, and it should be adjusted to the dose that feels best while keeping the Free T4 blood test in the normal range.

    • Metformin

      If you are insulin resistant, take metformin 500 to 1,000 mg a day to help restore your body’s sensitivity to the insulin you make.

      Check a “Fasting Insulin” blood test one morning before you eat or drink anything. If it is over 10 McU/ml (drawn fasting in the morning), you are insulin resistant.

      In woman who have a high testosterone from the insulin resistance (known as polycystic ovary syndrome, or "PCOS," and sometimes associated with increased facial hair), the metformin can improve overall well being and even restore fertility.

      Give it 3 months to work, and be sure you are taking 500 mcg of vitamin B12 a day with it as the metformin depletes vitamin B12.

  • Recommended Supplements

    • Multi-Nutrient Powder

      To help prevent nutritional deficiencies, take a good multi-nutrient powder.

    • Herbal Sleep Aids

      Herbal sleep aids can help you sleep.

  • Other Therapies & Advice

    • Herbal Mixes

      Some herbal mixes can boost metabolism.

    • Cut Out Sugar

      This is discussed in my book Beat Sugar Addiction NOW!

    • Check for Candida

      See Candida.

    • Find a Health Practitioner

      The good news?

      Clinics have opened nationwide that specialize in treating weight problems by optimizing metabolism using the best of natural and prescription therapies.

      Not only does this include bioidentical hormones (including testosterone and thyroid if needed), treating insulin resistance, sleep and the other treatments listed above to optimize metabolism, but it also goes way beyond this — giving you a comprehensive program to bring out your natural "inner thin."


Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, is one of the most frequently quoted long COVID, fibromyalgia, energy, and pain medical authorities in the world.

He is the author of 12 books, including the bestselling From Fatigued to Fantastic and the popular free Smart Phone app Cures A-Z. He is the lead author of eight studies on effective treatment for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Dr. Teitelbaum appears often as a guest on news and talk shows nationwide including Good Morning America, Oprah & Friends, CNN, and FoxNewsHealth.