Mindful Transformation & Your Journey of Change

Ever give up on a resolution? You’re not alone.
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In 2019, extensive research was conducted by Strava—a social network for athletes—that discovered approximately 80 percent of people who made New Year’s resolutions quit by the second week of January. 

This year National Quitter’s Day is January 12th. Don’t fret though!

Mindful Ways to Stick to Goals

Here are some mindfulness and yoga tips to stay the course with whatever changes you chose to make in 2024 to grow into the best version of you.

  • Deepen Your Intentions with Mindfulness

    Understanding the “why” behind our desired changes is crucial. Mindfulness cultivates a deep sense of awareness, allowing us to connect with our intentions on a profound level. This connection acts as a steady anchor, keeping us motivated and focused, especially when facing obstacles.

  • Set Goals with Intention and Attention

    Embrace the principles of mindfulness in setting goals. Like the mindful approach of observing without judgment, set realistic, achievable goals using the SMART framework. As we move forward with changes, yoga teaches us to celebrate each moment and movement, no matter how small, reinforcing the joy in every step of our journey.

  • Create a Supportive Environment

    Our surroundings should reflect and support our journey. Just as a yoga space is kept clear and inviting, ensure your environment facilitates growth. We need to surround ourselves with positive influences and create spaces that remind us of our goals, like a dedicated spot for yoga or meditation.

  • Establishing Mindful Habits

    Yoga is a practice of consistent effort and mindfulness is a habit of continual awareness. Be sure to integrate these concepts into daily routines. If the goal is to be more active, consider a daily yoga practice. Allow the discipline of yoga and the awareness from mindfulness to build habits that align with goals.

  • Reflect and Observe with Mindfulness

    Regularly take time to reflect on the journey. Mindfulness teaches us to observe our thoughts and actions without judgment, providing valuable insights into our progress and challenges. Use these reflections to adapt and grow.

  • Embrace Setbacks with Compassion

    In yoga, every pose is a mix of challenge and ease, teaching us to accept and work through difficulties. When facing setbacks, apply this principle. Approach them with self-compassion, viewing them as part of the learning process, not as failures.

  • Stay Flexible and Open

    Just as a yogi remains flexible in body and mind, apply this flexibility to the journey of change. Be open to modifying the approach while staying committed to the goal.

  • Seek Inspiration in Mindfulness and Yoga Stories

    Draw inspiration from the vast literature on yoga and mindfulness. Learn from the experiences of others who have walked similar paths, and let their stories fuel your motivation. 

    Consider studying the “Yoga Sutras” of the sage Patanjali. This ancient text delves deeply into the philosophy and practice of yoga, and it addresses change primarily through its teachings on the nature of the mind and the concept of impermanence.

  • Utilize Mindful Technology

    In the digital age, use technology mindfully. Choose apps and tools that reinforce a commitment to change, such as meditation timers, yoga class apps, or habit trackers.

  • Reward Yourself Mindfully

    Integrate mindful rewards as you make progress. A reward could be as simple as a buying something to commemorate the achievement such as a book or artwork you admire.


Incorporating mindfulness and yoga into the change journey offers a balanced, reflective, and compassionate approach to personal growth.

By understanding our deeper motivations, setting mindful goals, creating a supportive environment, and embracing the continuous practice of these disciplines, we can navigate the path of change with grace and resilience. 

Love, Light, Prayers, and Peace!


Alyson Phelan

Alyson Phelan founded Present Moment Mindfulness and Yoga to transform lives.

She teaches science-based mindfulness solutions to individuals and organizations. She holds various degrees and certifications that support her work in the community to help build practical, accessible, and sustainable methods that work.

She is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, and Trauma Responsive Care Certified. Visit her blog or try an online class.