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pumpkin pudding

Pumpkin pudding shoot

“Comfort food” and “healthy” aren’t always terms that go together. For most of my adulthood, this has kept me from a sweetly rare indulgence of my childhood: pudding. My mother never made instant pudding; it was always the cooked kind for her. Aside from the lemon in pies at Christmas and Easter, she always made chocolate pudding and served it in her ruby red Depression glass dessert coupes. It always struck my young mind as being so elegant.

But I generally don’t make dessert unless I have people over, or it’s a potluck offering, and pudding doesn’t usually fit that bill. Until now. For a recent photo shoot I had to produce this pumpkin pudding recipe. Great idea, right? It keys in on fall, on health (fresh or canned pumpkin), and, it turns out, on flavor.

Brie Morrissey, our photographer on this shoot, and I enjoyed healthy helpings after the shoot, and I sent some home with her knowing I shouldn’t eat five servings myself. However, for a party this Saturday I’m making a double batch, and I might keep one serving in reserve, just for me.

Healthy Pumpkin Pudding


Donna Moxley

Donna Moxley is the former managing editor at tasteforlife.com.