Can the Foods You Crave Help You to Lose Weight?

Chocolate Truffles and Coffee Beans.

Food Cravings & Weight Loss

Who doesn’t love a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning, a piece of decadent chocolate, or a good burger? But, did you know these foods you crave can actually help you reach your weight loss goals? It’s true!

We were enjoying dinner out last weekend when I overheard a comment at the next table: “Girl, let’s order appetizers and drinks, I’m off my diet and ready to celebrate!” Have you ever wondered why people give up on their resolutions and weight loss goals so quickly? (Hint: the answer is in the overheard comment.)

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Your Feelings About Food Influence Your Fat Loss

I read this study a few years ago that had a tremendous impact on how I viewed dieting. Researchers asked Americans what emotion they associated with chocolate cake. The overwhelming answer – guilt. My guess is many of you reading this would agree.

Then they asked the French what emotion they associate with chocolate cake. Their answer may surprise you – celebration. The study went further and showed that people who associate decadent treats like chocolate cake with guilt and loss of control were less successful at maintaining or losing weight over an 18-month period than people who associated it with celebration and joy.

I took this a step further and came to the realization that diets that don’t incorporate celebration and the foods we enjoy and consider treats are doomed to fail, because of how strongly our emotions are tied to our food. Comments like the one I overheard in the restaurant really show how we feel deep down about going on a diet – like it’s all work and no play. For a diet to be successful, at least some of our daily food choices have to “spark joy” or we throw it out.

Make A Radical Change to Your Weight Loss Resolutions

With my four decades of experience helping thousands upon thousands of dieters like you lose weight and keep it off, I understand the need for decadent treats to enjoy while trying to lose weight. I was thrilled to discover the research that showed some of our all-time favorites like coffee and chocolate are actually superfoods that stimulate your fat-burning metabolism. My new Radical Metabolism plan will teach you how your favorite comfort foods and celebratory foods can be used to help you lose weight – without feeling guilty!

For instance, I discovered coffee is a superfood that is rich in chlorogenic acid. This means your morning coffee is good for your liver, heart, and brain, plus it triples your fat burning all while helping you retain lean muscle mass. If coffee doesn’t agree with you, then you can substitute roasted dandelion root tea for a healthy liver or Oolong tea for more rapid fat loss.


  • You can have your coffee, chocolate, and even bacon and use them to lose weight
  • Starting your day with coffee and chocolate will not only make you feel full and crush your cravings, but will also jump-start your metabolism
  • A mid-afternoon coffee pick-me-up made the right way will also boost your fat-burning metabolism while it gives you the energy you need to make it through the rest of the day
  • An after-dinner treat is not only a good idea but a must-have if you want to keep cravings away and continue to burn fat
  • You don’t have to go keto for a good bacon burger to help you with weight loss
  • Bitter tastes like coffee and chocolate make your diet work better by cutting cravings, increasing digestive juices like stomach acid and bile, and helping you reset your digestion after a high fat diet like keto or paleo.

It’s time to get Radical and change how you look at your diet. Make it a celebration of weight loss and not a chore, with my new Radical Metabolism plan. Don’t wait! Get started now by signing up for my free 5-part Metabolism Reboot course.


Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S.

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, is a New York Times award-winning author of 30 books on detox, health, and healing, including the international bestselling Fat Flush Plan and Zapped! Visit her blog and join her online Fat Flush Community.