EcoVessel Boulder Insulated Water Bottle

Have the perfect cup on the go, hot or cold!
a woman detaching a strainer from her bottle

If you love tea as much as I do, you’re always yearning for a cup. It’s easy enough to prepare this beverage at home. But when you go out, you have the choice of buying it in a disposable paper cup (yuck!) or finding a way to transport your brew with you.

The Boulder Insulated Water Bottle with Strainer by EcoVessel exceeded my needs for tea transport. There are so many things I love about this 20-ounce bottle. First—and this is a big one for me—it fit in my car’s cup holder. So many water bottles I own don’t.

Second, it has a removable fine-mesh stainless steel strainer that fits securely inside the bottle. I can put loose-leaf tea, fruit chunks, or even ice inside. With the strainer firmly popped in place, I can sip to my heart’s content without worrying about swallowing stray tea leaves. For sure, that’s one way to interrupt a calming tea moment.

The container is insulated stainless steel and keeps beverages cold for an amazing 60 hours. Those that are hot, stay hot for 12 hours. In fact, I have to be careful that I don’t over boil the water, or I won’t be able to drink the tea. The insulating properties work that well!

There’s a removable silicone bumper for the bottom of the bottle that helps protect it if dropped. I found that this protective bumper slips off way too easily, so I use the bottle without it.

My color choice for the Boulder was Lavender Fields—a bright and pleasing turquoise-and-purple graduated combination. The outside of the bottle is lightly textured. I like this feature; I find it helps with grip. The screw-top lid has an attached carrying strap, making it easy to carry.

The Boulder is EcoVessel’s flagship product and retails for $31.99. It’s BPA-, BPS-, and phthalate-free and is recyclable with a 100-year warranty. While I don’t think I’ll need it that long, I’m sure it will be my constant traveling companion for years to come.


Lisa Fabian

Contributing Editor

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