Quick Results from Collagen

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I never thought I’d be interested in trying a collagen product. A few years ago I came across a certain brand, and I gave it a try. I liked the results but once the product ran out, I forgot about it.

Recently, however, I came across Ancient Nutrition Dr. Axe Formula Collagen Peptides. Wow. This is one product that I won’t soon forget about it. I am so impressed with the effectiveness of this formula.

Quick, and Continued Results from Collagen

The bottle states that there are results in as little as one day. I didn’t know what to expect, but I have to say that after I tried it for just one day I noticed that the skin on my face felt and appeared tighter.

After supplementing for about a week now, the skin on my face and body is not only firmer but smoother too. When applying moisturizer and sunscreen to my face, I’ve felt less drag and sagginess to my skin. The wrinkles around my eyes appear less deep and pronounced. Dare I say that the cellulite on my legs is less visible too? This makes sense, for when we have less collagen in the body it can make cellulite appear more visible.

Collagen protein gives skin its strength and elasticity. Production declines as we age, and I’ve seen the effects of less collagen in myself over the last decade or so. Not only sagging and looser skin, but also more wrinkles appearing around my eyes.

The benefits of collagen supplementation aren’t just skin deep. Collagen can help reduce joint pain and heal leaky gut, and it can strengthen teeth and nails too.

Ancient Nutrition offers a collagen peptides line, which is what I’ve been using. Collagen peptides have the same set of amino acids and nutrients as collagen. The difference is that the peptides have been broken down into shorter protein chains. This makes for better bioavailabilty and is easier for the body to break down.

There are 20 grams of collagen complex in this product that come from grass-fed, pasture-raised, cruelty-free cows.

I have been enjoying the orange flavor variety. It’s light and refreshing. I add it to water or smoothies. It blends well and doesn’t have a chalky texture. There are 70 calories per two-scoop serving.

What I also like about this product is that it contains 1 billion CFUs of Bacillus subtilis probiotics for gut health. Each serving offers 100 percent Daily Value of vitamin C.

If you’re looking for a collagen product, I highly recommend this line.


Lisa Fabian

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