Epilepsy and Healthy Supplements

Pistachio Nuts high in B6 and Magnesium

While it has not been proven that healthy foods can help to treat epilepsy, various vitamin and mineral deficiencies are thought to cause seizures.

Along with treatments decided on by a patient and their doctor, the following supplements may help to avoid unhealthy deficiencies.

Supplements for Epilepsy

  • Vitamin B6

    Preventing a B6 deficiency, which can cause seizures, may be helpful to newborns and young children.

    A vitamin B6 deficiency is the only vitamin deficiency known to cause seizures.

    Food Sources

    Among other foods, pistachio nuts, sunflower seeds, turkey, and chicken are high in this vitamin.

  • Minerals

    People with epilepsy may need to regulate their intake of sodium, calcium or magnesium.

    Although mineral deficiencies are rare, the lack of these minerals may cause seizures or other complications.

    Food Sources

    Calcium can commonly be found in cheese, yogurt, and milk.

    Good sources of magnesium include beans, vegetables, and nuts.

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