A Gluten-Free Diet May Save Your Hips

Celiac disease patients with chronic damage of the small intestine may be more likely to break a hip compared to those whose intestines have begun to heal.

“We believe that giving the mucous membrane—the moist tissue lining the small intestine—a chance to heal can lower the risk of complications, including bone fractures,” said Jonas Ludvigsson, PhD, MD. “Sticking to a gluten-free diet is crucial for minimizing tissue damage and reducing the risk of a serious fracture that could cause other complications.”

Dr. Ludvigsson said his team of researchers determined that celiac patients had a higher rate of hip fractures when tissue damage persisted for a long period.

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“Chronic Intestinal Damage Raises Hip-Fracture Rate in Celiac Disease Patients,” Endocrine Society, 1/16/14