Healthy Halloween Treats

Fun doesn't have to be unhealthy!
deviled eggs with black olive spiders

If you’re preparing for trick-or-treaters, a family event, or a friendly gathering, you might be wondering how you’ll maintain healthy nutrition with all the sugar filled sweets that dominate the holiday.

Luckily, there are plenty of healthy alternatives that give you the rush of eating yummy Halloween candy without giving you an unhealthy sugar-high.

Halloween Treat Alternatives

Whether you prefer to buy or cook your treats, these are just a few of our favorite spooktacularly healthy candy alternatives.

Heathy Treats You Can Buy

  • Endangered Species

    Ten percent of the profits from this organization’s delicious chocolate products go towards improving habitats of endangered species. A variety of their dark and milk chocolate products could also make for great winter holiday gifts.

  • Annie’s Homegrown

    Annie’s Homegrown offers a variety of certified organic and Non-GMO fruit snacks. For chocolate fanatics, the company also offers Chocolate Bunny Grahams.

  • YumEarth Organics Gummies

    YumEarth’s gummy products are vegan and also do not contain gelatin. The company also offers fruit snacks and gluten-free licorice!

  • Glee Gum

    Glee Gum not only offers a variety of natural gum and lollipops, they also offers special kits to help families make their own candy.

  • UnReal Candy

    This company states that they’re on a mission to “unjunk the world.” Most of its products are natural, organic, and made with fair-trade ingredients.

  • KIND Snacks

    KIND offers many treats and granola bars, with the promise that they contain ingredients that you can see and pronounce.

  • Pamela’s SimpleBites Cookies

    Gluten-free flavors include Chocolate Chip, Ginger Snapz, Snickerdoodles, and Extreme Chocolate.

DIY Halloween Treats

  • Jack-o’-Lantern Veggies and Dip

    peppers cut to look like jack-o'-lanterns

    1. Slice off the tops of raw bell peppers.
    2. Carve eyes, noses, and mouths into peppers to create faces.
    3. Stuff with sliced vegetables and your favorite dip.
  • Mummy Pizzas

    mini-pizzas made to look like mummies

    1. Spread pizza sauce over split whole-grain, toasted English muffins.
    2. Lay strips of string cheese over to make a mummy face.
    3. Decorate with sliced black olive eyes. Bake until cheese melts.
  • Scary Deviled Eggs

    deviled eggs that look like spiders

    1. Make your favorite recipe for deviled eggs.
    2. Place a black olive half in the yolk area to create the body.
    3. Add thin slices of black olives to create spider legs.
  • Orange Pumpkins

    oranges made to look like pumpkins

    1. Peel skin from oranges, but keep the oranges intact and whole.
    2. Place a small piece of zucchini in the top of each orange to create stems.
    3. Arrange festively on a platter.

Hungry For More?

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